couple walking on a beach

We Love People Who Make Us Feel Good About Ourselves

I think that this simple statement expresses much of what couples therapy is about. Generally, couples are often so mired in their frustrations that they no longer give one another… Read More

Soulmate Projections

Soulmate Projections

All relationships, all relationships, begin in projection. Often, when I make that pronouncement, someone will seize upon this simple categorical statement and take vocal and emotional exception. “But sometimes you… Read More

the journey home

The Journey to Home

All relationships begin, and end, in separation. From the very beginning, within the safe and protected confines of our mother’s womb, we are connected to the pulse and rhythm of… Read More

relationship deja vu

Relationship Deja Vu

There is a Dan Fogelberg song lyric that runs through my head occasionally, “Once in love, you’ll always be a lover” This intoxicating explosion of physical and emotional experience is… Read More