Elizabeth Pequet, LMFT

Elizabeth Pequet, LMFT

My name is Elizabeth Pequet. I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and have been working with couples since 2013. I have worked with couples in a variety of different settings including private practice and in-home therapy in Florida and Milwaukee. My current practice and license reside in the Milwaukee area.

My approach with couples starts with a place of compassion, non-judgement, non-bias and inviting an exploration into the systemic aspects of their relationship. I find it is important to have couples dive deeper into the history and foundation of their relationship. From there, it becomes a process of peeling back the layers to uncover values, love language, goals and finding solutions for deeper ways of reconnection.

A deeper focus for couples is to explore times in their lives when they are feeling lost, trapped, or unable to find peace in their daily lives. While it may feel impossible, I believe all people have immense strength and resilience to find their way. I invite couples to explore not what the conflict or issue is at a surface level, but to further explore the deeper emotional needs they are seeking. Through this uncovering, they can start their journey of healing and growth. I facilitate awareness and deeper understanding of the what and why these conflicts are all consuming. At the couple’s own pace, I offer space to challenge patterns that no longer serving them.

My training is mainly using the Gottman Method. I am a level 2 Gottman clinician in couples therapy. I look deep into what is called the sound relationship house. This looks into friendship, fondness and admiration, turning towards, conflict resolution, positive/negative sentiment, shared values and making life dreams come true. I also check in with couples on the level of trust and commitment in the relationship. In addition to the Gottman method, I utilize a strength-based, systemic, and emotionally focused approach to assisting couples heal, grow, and thrive in their relationship.

My goal as a therapist is to help facilitate this everlasting growth and change. There are three important parts in therapeutic change and healing which exist within each individual and the couple. My systemic background encourages each individual to look within themselves for their emotional needs as well as areas that they can grow in. Then I look ways that their individual changes and needs can morph into interconnected change within the relationship. The continuation of growth within the individual and mutual growth within the couple can have the benefits of deeper connections and a more positive outlook on the relationship.

Along with couples therapy, I am a 200-hour registered yoga teacher. I bring in mindfulness, attention to the connection between body and mind, and meditation into my practice as a therapist. I am currently working towards becoming certified in EMDR (Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing) to further my training in helping individuals heal from trauma.

Phone: (414) 269-1473